Embed native MS IE web browser control into your Swing application.

No knowledge of COM or Microsoft Internet Explorer API required.

Why JExplorer


Internet Explorer in Your App

With the JExplorer API, you can download HTML pages, navigate through them or to other pages, set and get HTML content, prepare page for printing, work with advanced browser options, and many other things.

Custom Menus

If you app need a custom context menu shown on a web page instead of a standard shown by the browser, you can easily set it.

Cookie Management

JExplorer supports both persistent and session cookies. You are free to use them in a variety of ways: create, modify or delete, set and get their name, value, domain and other information. Learn more.

Capturing Web Pages

With JExplorer you can make a screenshot of a web page, either its visible part or the entire content. See example.

Browser Components

JExplorer provides a visual browser object for embedding in a Swing/AWT UI. This object integrates native MS IE web browser component that renders web pages. So, web pages are rendered exactly as in MS Internet Explorer.

Access to the DOM

You can work with DOM of web pages in many ways: manage elements in a document, modify element attributes, apply element styles, fire an event on some element, manipulate data in the HTML form elements, etc.


JExplorer allows modifying default user-agent string that will be sent to a web server.

Proxy Settings Configuration

JExplorer allows you to configure global proxy settings for ftp, http, https, gopher, socks as well as those available for a current process without affecting global proxy configuration. See example.

Execute JavaScript Code

The library allows executing JavaScript code, intercepting JavaScript errors, and handling JavaScript dialogs such as Alert and Confirmation.

Support for Events

With event listeners you can: register and listen to DOM events, handle JavaScript errors and various states of the browser, listen for a start and completion of navigation, track page downloading progress and more.

JavaScript Java Bridge

JExplorer provides API that you can use to register Java callback function in JavaScript environment on the loaded web page to invoke Java code from JavaScript.

Access to Advanced Settings

With Browser class, you’ll be able to access Internet Explorer advanced settings. You can disable ActiveX controls, block navigation to any page with a malformed URL, enable or disable a pop-up blocker, and more.

Try the Demo

Run the demo jexplorerdemo.jnlp

MS Windows Runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or later with:

The JExplorer Demo is a Windows program and cannot run under another operating system.
To see the Demo, you can do one of the following:
  • Download it and run on Microsoft Windows computer
  • Open this page directly from Windows.

Examples of Apps Our Customers Build

JExplorer is created to help Java developers resolve the following tasks:

Licensing and Pricing

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What You Get

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* Special Offer: Java Integration Pack Available for Per Developer, Project and Unlimited License

Java Integration Pack comprises a complete solution for those who are looking to bridge Java with Windows technologies and tools.

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Technical FAQ

A: JExplorer integrates with MS Internet Explorer 6 and higher on Windows 7, 8, 2008, 20012.

A: Compared to JxBrowser, JExplorer doesn’t deploy the native web browser engine binaries and integrates with installed MS IE. Since JExplorer integrates only with MS IE, it supports only Windows platform. JxBrowser is a cross-platform library based on Google Chromium engine.

A: Yes, JExplorer can be used in Java Applet and JWS applications.

A: You can find a lot of examples in JExplorer distribution package and online at JExplorer Samples web page.

Licensing FAQ

A: Our licensing is based on versions of JExplorer. Having purchased the licence for our product you get the right to use the current major version of the product.

A: All minor version updates are free of charge. For example, if you have a licence to library version 2.x, you can receive all updates until the version 3.x is released. You can check the version of your licence in the jexplorer.lic file.

A: Upon purchase of licence you will receive a licence archive. The archive will contain two JARs: development.jar and runtime.jar. Development.jar is the licence that should be used in development process. Runtime.jar should be used to distribute your application to end users. Inside the development.jar you can find the jexplorer.lic file that contains information about your licence.

A: Major version upgrades should be purchased. You can upgrade your licence to a major version with a 25% upgrade discount. The licence upgrade includes renewal of the Standard Support pack

A: You can distribute unlimited number of copies of your product with our library enclosed. Please use Runtime Licence for distribution of your product.

A: Runtime Licence is provided free of charge.

A: Yes, you can purchase JExplorer Source Code Licence; it is provided on a per developer basis. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in this option.

A: You may want to purchase a Project licence, which is more cost-effective in case there are 3 and more developers on the team.

A: The best solution would be to purchase the Unlimited licence, which covers any number developers and projects in one company.

A: No. The Project licence is tied to one project only.

A: Yes, our licences are tied to a company, not to a specific developer. You can transfer licences to other developers provided that the number of developers, working on your team equals the number of licences purchased.

Free Licenсes Programs

Free Licences for Academic Purposes

We provide licences for institutions, educators, students and researchers for the duration of the project or a study.

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Open Source™

Free Licences for Open-source Projects

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