Projects came to life because we needed a good task management tool for our projects that would work well with Google Apps.

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Java-Native Integration Libraries

We created JNIWrapper because we needed to. It seriously eased our internal development efforts and proved to be useful for many other people.

It gave the birth to the whole family of integration products including latest version of JxBrowser, which brings together Java and Chromium…


A lightweight Swing component for seamless integration of Chromium browser into Java applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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A library for Windows providing a convenient Java API to embed Microsoft Internet Explorer, both as a visual or non-visual component, into Java applications.

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A lightweight Java component for viewing PDF documents in Java Swing UI, converting PDF pages to Java images, and reading text from PDF documents.

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A library for Windows enabling tight integration and management of Microsoft Excel workbooks and worksheets in Java applications.

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A bidirectional Java-COM bridge that makes it possible to use COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX objects from Java applications and implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing native code.

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Solution for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, allowing to call a function of any dynamic library of the operating system from Java without creating native libraries.

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A cross-platform library providing a comprehensive Java API for performing screen capture into image and video in Java applications on Windows and Mac OS X.

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A cross-platform library providing convenient Java API for monitoring file system events, available for 32 and 64-bit versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

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.NET Solutions

We have a history of providing solutions that optimize development efforts.
This time we are offering time- and effort-saving opportunity for .NET developers.


Solution for integration of Chromium-based WPF component into .NET applications.


Exploring the JSF technology we could not help but create a library of our own, that allows creating a dynamic UI for web applications. Over time we chose to make it open-source for the benefit of the web development community.

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App Engine Meter

Another open-source project that emerged from our ever-burning wish for optimization.

App Engine Meter was devised to estimate Google App Engine costs, a very useful knowledge, if you do not want to be surprised by the bill for the cloud servers uptime.

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Travel Pocket

We love to travel and do it a lot. We created Travel Pocket because we wanted a convenient and fast way to record all the expenses, analyse and share them later when our friends come for advice.

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