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Packages that use IErrorInfo The package contains a number of standard COM interfaces wrappers. The package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the package. 

Uses of IErrorInfo in

Methods in that return IErrorInfo
static IErrorInfo ComFunctions.getErrorInfo()
          This function retrieves the error information pointer set by the previous call to SetErrorInfo in the current logical thread.
 IErrorInfo ComException.getErrorInfo()

Methods in with parameters of type IErrorInfo
static void ComFunctions.setErrorInfo(IErrorInfo errinfo)
          Sets the error information object for the current logical thread of execution.

Constructors in with parameters of type IErrorInfo
ComException(int hResult, IErrorInfo errInfo)
          Constructs a new instance with the passed error code.

Uses of IErrorInfo in

Classes in that implement IErrorInfo
 class IErrorInfoImpl
          Represents COM interface IErrorInfo.