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Packages that use CLSID
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation This package provides interfaces, their implementaitons, utility classes and data types for working with Microsoft Automation. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.automation package. The package contains a number of standard COM interfaces wrappers. The package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the package. The package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types, which are commonly used in COM. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml package contains a number of interfaces that are used in the OLE technology. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.ole package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types that are commonly used in OLE. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package contains a number of commonly used interfaces from the Structured Storage API. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types package contains Java wrappers for native structures and types that are commonly used in the Structured Storage API.   

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation that return CLSID
 CLSID OleContainer.getCurrentDocumentType()
          Returns identifier of embedded OLE object.
 CLSID OfficeContainer.getContainedObjectCLSID()
          Retrieves CLSID of the object embedded into OLE container

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation with parameters of type CLSID
 void OleContainer.createObject(CLSID clsid)
          Creates an object in the container by CLSID.
 void OfficeContainer.createObject(CLSID clsid)
          Creates an object in the container by CLSID.

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.automation.impl with parameters of type CLSID
ITypeLibImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeLibImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeCompImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ITypeCompImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRecordInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRecordInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchExImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDispatchExImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of CLSID in

Methods in that return CLSID
static CLSID ComFunctions.getClassFromFile(java.lang.String fileName)
          Returns CLSID associated with a filename.

Methods in with parameters of type CLSID
 IClassFactory LibraryClassFactory.getClassFactory(CLSID clsid)
          Loads the class factory from this library by specified class id.
 void IPersist.getClassID(CLSID pClassID)
 IClassFactory DllClassFactory.getClassFactory(CLSID clsid)
          Loads the class factory from this library.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, IUnknown pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, IID iid, IUnknown pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coCreateInstanceEx(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext, CoServerInfo serverInfo, IUnknownImpl pReqInterface)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static void ComFunctions.coGetClassObject(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext, Pointer.Void pvReserved, IUnknown ppv)
          Returns a pointer to the interface for a class object associated with a COM class.
static UInt32 ComFunctions.coRegisterClassObject(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnk, ClsCtx dwClsContext, RegCls flags)
          Registers EXE class object so that other applications can connect to it.
static IUnknown ComFunctions.coCreateInstance(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
          Creates a COM object of a specified class.
static IUnknown ComFunctions.getActiveObject(CLSID clsid)
          Retrieves a running object that has been registered with OLE.
static long ComFunctions.registerActiveObject(IUnknown unknown, CLSID clsid, boolean strong)
          Registers an object as the active object for its class.
static IMoniker ComFunctions.createClassMoniker(CLSID clsid)
          Creates a class moniker that refers to the given class.

Uses of CLSID in

Methods in with parameters of type CLSID
 void IPersistImpl.getClassID(CLSID pClassID)

Constructors in with parameters of type CLSID
IUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISupportErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISupportErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknownImpl pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IServiceProviderImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IServiceProviderImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamInitImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamInitImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistFileImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPersistFileImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMessageFilterImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMessageFilterImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknownImpl pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMallocImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IMallocImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknownImpl pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumVariantImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumVariantImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumUnknownImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStringImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStringImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumMonikerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ICreateErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ICreateErrorInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknownImpl pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IClassFactoryImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IClassFactoryImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IClassFactory2Impl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IClassFactory2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

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Fields in declared as CLSID

Methods in that return CLSID
abstract  CLSID CoClass.getCLSID()
static CLSID CLSID.createFromProgID(java.lang.String progID)
          Creates a new CLSID instance and looks for its value.
static CLSID CLSID.create(java.lang.String clsid)
          Creates a new instance for the passed string.

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.mshtml.impl with parameters of type CLSID
IDocHostUIHandlerImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDocHostUIHandlerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDocHostUIHandler2Impl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDocHostUIHandler2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole that return CLSID
 CLSID IOleObject.getUserClassID()

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole with parameters of type CLSID
static Int32 OleFunctions.oleGetIconOfClass(CLSID rclsid, BStr lpszLabel, Int32 fUseTypeAsLabel)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreate(CLSID rclsid, IID riid, OleRender renderopt, FormatEtc pformatetc, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, IUnknown ppvObject)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateEx(CLSID rclsid, IID riid, OleCreate dwFlags, OleRender renderopt, Int32 cFormats, Int32 rgAdvf, FormatEtc rgFormatEtc, IAdviseSink lpAdviseSink, Int32 rgdwConnection, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, Pointer.Void ppvObj)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateFromFile(CLSID rclsid, BStr lpszFileName, IID riid, OleRender renderopt, FormatEtc rgFormatEtc, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, IUnknown ppvObject)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateFromFileEx(CLSID rclsid, BStr lpszFileName, IID riid, OleCreate dwFlags, OleRender renderopt, Int32 cFormats, Int32 rgAdvf, FormatEtc rgFormatEtc, IAdviseSink lpAdviseSink, Int32 rgdwConnection, IOleClientSite pClientSite, IStorage pStg, Pointer.Void ppvObj)
static void OleFunctions.oleCreateDefaultHandler(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, IID riid, Pointer.Void lplpObj)
 void IOleLink.setSourceMoniker(IMoniker pmk, CLSID rclsid)

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl that return CLSID
 CLSID IOleObjectImpl.getUserClassID()

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl with parameters of type CLSID
 void IOleLinkImpl.setSourceMoniker(IMoniker pmk, CLSID rclsid)

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.impl with parameters of type CLSID
IViewObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IViewObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IViewObject2Impl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IViewObject2Impl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRunningObjectTableImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRunningObjectTableImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IProvideClassInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IProvideClassInfoImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPropertyNotifySinkImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPropertyNotifySinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPrintImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPrintImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPreviewCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IPreviewCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IParseDisplayNameImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IParseDisplayNameImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleLinkImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleLinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceUIWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceUIWindowImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteExImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceSiteExImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceFrameImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceFrameImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleInPlaceActiveObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentViewImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentViewImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleDocumentImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleControlImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCommandTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCommandTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleClientSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleClientSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCacheImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IOleCacheImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectWithSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectWithSiteImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectSafetyImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IObjectSafetyImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IInPlacePrintPreviewImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IInPlacePrintPreviewImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatDataImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatDataImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleVerbImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleVerbImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleDocumentViewsImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumOleDocumentViewsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumFormatEtcImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumFormatEtcImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionsImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionPointsImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumConnectionPointsImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropTargetImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropSourceImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDropSourceImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDataObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IDataObjectImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IContinueCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IContinueCallbackImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IConnectionPointContainerImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IBindCtxImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IBindCtxImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IAdviseSinkImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IAdviseSinkImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.ole.types that return CLSID
 CLSID OleUIInsertObject.getClsid()
 CLSID OleUIConvert.getClsid()
 CLSID OleUIConvert.getClsidConvertDefault()
 CLSID OleUIConvert.getClsidActivateDefault()
 CLSID OleUIConvert.getClsidNew()
 CLSID OleUIChangeIcon.getClsid()
 CLSID ObjectDescriptor.getClsid()

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg that return CLSID
static CLSID StorageFunctions.readClassStg(IStorage pStg)
static CLSID StorageFunctions.readClassStm(IStream pStg)

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg with parameters of type CLSID
static void StorageFunctions.writeClassStg(IStorage pStg, CLSID rclsid)
static void StorageFunctions.writeClassStm(IStream pStg, CLSID rclsid)
 void IStorage.setClass(CLSID clsid)

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl with parameters of type CLSID
 void IStorageImpl.setClass(CLSID clsid)

Constructors in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl with parameters of type CLSID
IStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISequentialStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ISequentialStreamImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRootStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IRootStorageImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ILockBytesImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
ILockBytesImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatStgImpl(CLSID clsid, ClsCtx dwClsContext)
IEnumStatStgImpl(CLSID clsid, IUnknown pUnkOuter, ClsCtx dwClsContext)

Uses of CLSID in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.types that return CLSID
 CLSID StatStg.getClsid()

Uses of CLSID in

Methods in that return CLSID
 CLSID RegisterDispatchComServer.ComServerDescriptor.getCLSID()

Methods in with parameters of type CLSID
static void RegisterDispatchComServer.unregisterComServer(CLSID clsid, boolean currentUserOnly)
          Unregisters the Java COM server specified by the CLSID with ability to specify whesere the COM server is for current user only or not
static void RegisterDispatchComServer.unregisterComServer(CLSID clsid)
          Unregisters the Java COM server specified by the CLSID
static boolean RegisterDispatchComServer.isRegisteredForCurrentUser(CLSID clsid)
          Returns true if the Java COM server registered for current user, otherwise false
static boolean RegisterDispatchComServer.isRegisteredForAllUsers(CLSID clsid)
          Returns true if the Java COM server registered for all users, otherwise false
static boolean RegisterDispatchComServer.isRegistered(CLSID clsid)
          Returns true if the Java COM server is registered, otherwise false