DotNetBrowser  1.21.5
Class Hierarchy
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 CDotNetBrowser.AuthRequiredParamsRepresents parameters that are passed to the NetworkDelegate.OnAuthRequired(AuthRequiredParams) method.
 CDotNetBrowser.BrowserContextParamsRepresents parameters required for BrowserContext instance. Using BrowserContextParams you can configure BrowserContext with different settings such as Chromium data directory, default accept language, proxy settings, etc.
 CDotNetBrowser.BrowserFactoryA browser factory for creating browser instances.
 CDotNetBrowser.BrowserFrameIDFrame id constansts - used to detect which frame is used.
 CDotNetBrowser.BrowserFunctionRepresents a function that can be invoked from JavaScript side.
 CDotNetBrowser.BrowserPreferencesBrowser instance and global library preferences.
 CDotNetBrowser.CacheStorageThe system for cache handling. The persistent cache are stored in the Browser data directory in Cache folder. By default all Browsers use predefined data directory. You can find out where this directory is located using the BrowserPreferences.GetDefaultChromiumDir() method
 CDotNetBrowser.CertificateProvides information about X509 certificate. X509 certificate represents a X.509 certificate, which is comprised a particular identity or end-entity certificate, such as an SSL server identity or an SSL client certificate, and zero or more intermediate certificates.
 CDotNetBrowser.CertificateErrorParamsContains information about SSL certificate error.
 CDotNetBrowser.CertificatesDialogParamsThe OnSelectCertificate event parameters.
 CDotNetBrowser.CertificateVerifierRepresents a service for verifying SSL certificates.
 CDotNetBrowser.CertificateVerifyParamsProvides information about SSL certificate, host name, and Chromium verify results.
 CDotNetBrowser.ChromiumBinariesProvides the ability to extract the Chromium binary files to the specified directory.
 CDotNetBrowser.ColorChooserParamsRepresents parameters that are passed to the OnColorChooser event.
 CDotNetBrowser.ContextMenuProvides access to context menu items and allows notifying Chromium engine about context menu state.
 CDotNetBrowser.ContextMenuHandlerInterface for handling browser context menu requests.
 CDotNetBrowser.ContextMenuItemProvides info about context menu item.
 CDotNetBrowser.ContextMenuParamsContains information about context menu.
 CDotNetBrowser.CookieRepresents an HTTP cookie.
 CDotNetBrowser.CookieStorageThe system for storing and retrieving cookies. The cookies can be stored in the process memory (session cookies) or in files (persistent cookies). The CookieStorage provides access to both session and persistent cookies
 CDotNetBrowser.CustomPaperSizeCustom paper size for printing.
 CDotNetBrowser.DialogHandlerAllows handling browser dialogs such as JavaScript alert, confirmation and prompt.
 CDotNetBrowser.DialogParamsRepresents parameters that are passed to the DialogHandler.OnAlert(parameters) and DialogHandler.OnConfirmation(parameters) methods.
 CDotNetBrowser.DOM.Events.DOMEventRepresents DOM event.
 CDotNetBrowser.DOM.Events.DOMEventTargetThis interface is implemented by all DOMElement that supports DOM event model.
 CDotNetBrowser.DOM.DOMNodeAtPointProvides information about DOM Node at specified point inside loaded document.
 CDotNetBrowser.DownloadHandlerAllows handling file downloads
 CDotNetBrowser.DownloadItemProvides different information such as file URL, its mime type, percent complete, received bytes etc. Also it allows registering the DownloadEvent to receive download update events for this particular download item.
 CDotNetBrowser.DrawingViewA view that displays web pages. Defines a event that indicates when content of loaded web page in the browser view has been repainted.
 CDotNetBrowser.FileChooserParamsThe OnFileChooser event parameters.
 CDotNetBrowser.FullScreenHandlerThe listener interface for receiving full screen state change events.
 CDotNetBrowser.HostPortPairRepresents combination of host and port.
 CDotNetBrowser.HttpHeadersRepresents HTTP request and response headers, mapping string header names to list of string values.
 CDotNetBrowser.HttpHeadersExRepresents HTTP request/response header
 CDotNetBrowser.IAppCacheApplication cache information bound to the specific origin URL.
 CDotNetBrowser.IAppCacheInfoApplication cache information for the specific cache manifest.
 CDotNetBrowser.IAppCacheStorageHTML5 Application cache storage
 CDotNetBrowser.IBackForwardNavigatorProvides an ability to navigate by backward and forward lists.
 CDotNetBrowser.IImageProviderProvides an ability to get rendered image from Browser instance in Lightweight rendering mode.
 CDotNetBrowser.IInputSimulatorProvides an ability to forward messages from input devices.
 CDotNetBrowser.INavigationEntryRepresents entry from back-forward navigation list.
 CDotNetBrowser.INotificationHandlerThe handler interface for receiving browser HTML5 desktop common notification events. To receive browser notification events user should register the INotificationHandler implementation set the NotificationHandler property of the NotificationService. Appropriate handler methods implemented will be invoked when browser performs notification actions.
 CDotNetBrowser.IPermissionHandlerAllows handling permission requests from web pages such as geolocation, desktop notification permission requests, etc. Any web page can request permissions for the required type.
 CDotNetBrowser.Protocols.IProtocolHandlerRepresents the handler for Url requests.
 CDotNetBrowser.Protocols.IProtocolHandlerEntryRepresents the pair of the protocol name and the handler instance.
 CDotNetBrowser.Protocols.IUrlRequestRepresents the Url reuqest.
 CDotNetBrowser.Protocols.IUrlResponseRepresents the response for the Url request.
 CDotNetBrowser.IWebStorageThe IWebStorage interface of the Web Storage API provides access to the session storage or local storage for a particular document on the loaded web page, allowing you to for example add, modify or delete stored data items.
 CDotNetBrowser.JSFunctionCallbackRepresents a .NET function that can be invoked from JavaScript side.
 CDotNetBrowser.JSONStringRepresents a string in JSON format. When this value is passed to JavaScript side, it will be automatically parsed and converted to appropriate JavaScript object.
 CDotNetBrowser.JSPrimitive< bool >
 CDotNetBrowser.JSPrimitive< double >
 CDotNetBrowser.JSPrimitive< string >
 CDotNetBrowser.JSValueClass for all JavaScript values. This class is used to store the result of the Browser.ExecuteJavaScript(string) method execution.
 CDotNetBrowser.KeyFilterA keyboard filter that can be set to the BrowserView to filter keyboard events.
 CDotNetBrowser.KeyParamsParameters that are used in the Browser.KeyUp(KeyParams)and Browser.KeyDown(KeyParams) methods.
 CDotNetBrowser.LoadDataParamsParameters that are used in the Browser.LoadData(long, LoadDataParams) method.
 CDotNetBrowser.LoadHandlerAllows handling any load activity including filtering all URLs loaded in Browser component. Using LoadHandler you can cancel any load event or suppress problematic SSL certificates.
 CDotNetBrowser.LoadHTMLParamsParameters that are used in the Browser.LoadHTML(LoadHTMLParams) method.
 CDotNetBrowser.LoadParamsContains the information about load event.
 CDotNetBrowser.LoadURLParamsParameters that are used in the Browser.LoadURL(LoadURLParams) method.
 CDotNetBrowser.MediaStreamDeviceRepresents a media stream device.
 CDotNetBrowser.MediaStreamDeviceProviderProvides default media stream device that Chromium should use for capturing audio/video input on loaded web page.
 CDotNetBrowser.MediaStreamDeviceRequestRepresents a request for media streams (audio/video).
 CDotNetBrowser.MouseButtonParamsParameters which are used in the Browser.MouseUp(MouseButtonParams)and Browser.MouseDown(MouseButtonParams) methods.
 CDotNetBrowser.MouseWheelParamsParameters which are used in the Browser.MouseWheel(MouseWheelParams) method.
 CDotNetBrowser.NativeCrashHandlerAllows handling chromium native process crash.
 CDotNetBrowser.NetworkDelegateInterface for handling URL requests and responses.
 CDotNetBrowser.NotificationRepresents object that contains information about browser notification, stores notification state data and provides functionality that allows user to perform operations with notification (click, closeInternal, etc.) and listen browser events associated with this notification instance
 CDotNetBrowser.Events.NotificationEventArgsProvides event information for event that browser performed some notification action.
 CDotNetBrowser.NotificationServiceProvides access to browser desktop notifications functionality.
 CDotNetBrowser.Events.OnRedrawEventArgsProvides event information for event that indicates that content of loaded web page in the browser view has been rendered as image.
 CDotNetBrowser.Events.OnRepaintEventArgsProvides event information for event that indicates that content of loaded web page in the browser view has been repainted.
 CDotNetBrowser.PacScriptErrorParamsProvides details about PAC script error.
 CDotNetBrowser.PageMarginsMargins in printer device points for a page setup.
 CDotNetBrowser.PageRangePage range for printing.
 CDotNetBrowser.PaperSizesDefine extension methods for PaperSize.
 CDotNetBrowser.PasswordEventArgsPasswordSubmitted event parameters.
 CDotNetBrowser.PasswordManagerClientThe client Chromium Password Manager functionality.
 CDotNetBrowser.PermissionRequestProvides details on the permission request.
 CDotNetBrowser.PluginFilterA plugin filter that is used by Chromium engine to find out what plugin is allowed during web page loading. Can be registered per Browser instance.
 CDotNetBrowser.PluginInfoContains information about Chromium plugin.
 CDotNetBrowser.PluginManagerThe system for plugins management.
 CDotNetBrowser.PopupContainerEach container that can be used for newly created browser must implement this interface.
 CDotNetBrowser.PopupHandlerImplementers of PopupHandler may manage newly created popup windows that were opened using the JavaScript function.
 CDotNetBrowser.PopupParamsProvides event information for event that occurs before creating a new browser window.
 CDotNetBrowser.PostDataGeneral interface for representation POST data. Depending of the PostDataContentType can be casted to one of specific implementations: FormData, MultipartFormData, RawData.
 CDotNetBrowser.PrintHandlerAllows handling printing initiated by Browser.Print method or
 CDotNetBrowser.PrintJobIndicates a print job.
 CDotNetBrowser.PrintSettingsProvides access to different printing settings.
 CDotNetBrowser.ProxyConfigAn abstract class that must be implemented by all possible proxy configurations.
 CDotNetBrowser.ReloadPostDataParamsRepresents parameters that are passed to the OnReloadPostData event.
 CDotNetBrowser.RenderProcessInfoContains information about current render process associated with the Browser instance.
 CDotNetBrowser.RequestParamsParent class for all NetworkDelegate method params.
 CDotNetBrowser.ResourceHandlerAllows handling process of loading resources such as HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS files, etc. You can use this handler to cancel loading specified resources. For example, you can tell web browser engine not to load images or HTML from a specified URL.
 CDotNetBrowser.ResourceParamsRepresents information about resource.
 CDotNetBrowser.DOM.SearchContextBase interface for search methods that must be inherited by DOM interfaces that want to have search mechanisms.
 CDotNetBrowser.SearchParamsRepresents search request parameters, that are used for searching text on a web page.
 CDotNetBrowser.SearchResultProvides information about the number of matches of a specified text on a web page.
 CDotNetBrowser.SpellCheckerServiceProvides access to spellchecker service.
 CDotNetBrowser.Events.SpellCheckResultContains information about specific mistake in the examined text.
 CDotNetBrowser.UIComponentEach UI component for embedding web content in your application and display web pages must implement this interface.
 CDotNetBrowser.UnloadDialogParamsThe OnBeforeUnload event parameters.
 CDotNetBrowser.XPathIteratorItemRepresents the iterator item over the XPath result node set.
 CDotNetBrowser.XPathResultRepresents the result of evaluating the XPath expression.