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Packages that use FileSystem.DriveType The package contains classes, which provide you with file system related functionality. 

Uses of FileSystem.DriveType in

Fields in declared as FileSystem.DriveType
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.CDROM
          CD/DVD-ROM drive
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.FIXED
          Drive is fixed media; for example a hard drive.
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.NO_ROOT_DIR
          Root path is invalid
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.RAMDISK
          Virtual RAM-disk
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.REMOTE
          Drive is network resource.
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.REMOVABLE
          Drive is removable media (floppy disk, flas card etc.)
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.DriveType.UNKNOWN
          Drive type cannot be determined

Methods in that return FileSystem.DriveType
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.getDriveType( drive)
          Returns the drive type of a specefied disk.
static FileSystem.DriveType FileSystem.getDriveType(java.lang.String diskName)
          Returns the drive type of a specified disk.