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Packages that use ActiveDesktopItem The package contains classes for Windows desktop integration. The package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the package. 

Uses of ActiveDesktopItem in

Methods in that return ActiveDesktopItem
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktop.getDesktopItem(int index)
          Returns the specified desktop item.
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktop.getDesktopItemByID(int id)
          Returns the desktop item that matches the given identification.
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktop.getDesktopItemBySource( source)
          Retrieves a desktop item using its source URL.

Methods in with parameters of type ActiveDesktopItem
 void IActiveDesktop.addDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value)
          Adds a desktop item.
 void IActiveDesktop.addDesktopItemWithUI(Wnd wnd, ActiveDesktopItem value)
          Adds a desktop item to the Active Desktop after displaying user interfaces that confirm the addition of the desktop item, verify security zone permissions, and ask if the user wants to create a subscription.
 void IActiveDesktop.addUrl(Wnd wnd, source, ActiveDesktopItem item)
          Adds the desktop item associated with the specified URL.
 void IActiveDesktop.generateDesktopItemHtml( file, ActiveDesktopItem item)
          Generates a generic HTML page containing the given desktop item.
 void IActiveDesktop.modifyDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value, ModifyDesktopItemOptions options)
          Modifies the desktop item.
 void IActiveDesktop.removeDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value)
          Removes the specified desktop item from the desktop.

Constructors in with parameters of type ActiveDesktopItem
ActiveDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem that)
          Creates an instance of ActiveDesktopItem with a specified item.

Uses of ActiveDesktopItem in

Methods in that return ActiveDesktopItem
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktopImpl.getDesktopItem(int index)
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktopImpl.getDesktopItemByID(int id)
 ActiveDesktopItem IActiveDesktopImpl.getDesktopItemBySource( source)

Methods in with parameters of type ActiveDesktopItem
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.addDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value)
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.addDesktopItemWithUI(Wnd wnd, ActiveDesktopItem value)
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.addUrl(Wnd wnd, source, ActiveDesktopItem item)
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.generateDesktopItemHtml( file, ActiveDesktopItem item)
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.modifyDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value, ModifyDesktopItemOptions options)
 void IActiveDesktopImpl.removeDesktopItem(ActiveDesktopItem value)