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Uses of CaptureOperation in com.teamdev.jxcapture.image.operation

Subclasses of CaptureOperation in com.teamdev.jxcapture.image.operation
 class ActiveWindowCapture
          Represents the active window capture operation.
 class DesktopCapture
          Represents the desktop capture operation.
 class DrawableCapture
          This abstract class represents a drawing capture operation, like capture of a specified region or object.
 class ObjectCapture
          Represents the operation that allows capturing a specified object, like a window or control by means of the mouse cursor.
 class RegionCapture
          Represents the region capture operation.
 class ScreenObjectCapture
          Represents the operation that allows capturing a specified object (like a window or control) located on the screen by means of the mouse cursor.

Uses of CaptureOperation in com.teamdev.jxcapture.image.operation.toolkit

Methods in com.teamdev.jxcapture.image.operation.toolkit with parameters of type CaptureOperation
 DrawableArea DrawableAreaFactory.createDrawableArea(CaptureOperation operation)