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Packages that use HookEventObject
com.jniwrapper.win32.hook The com.jniwrapper.win32.hook package contains classes, which allows you to work with native hooks, such as keyboard hook, mouse hook, system idle tracker etc. The package contains auxilious classes for hook functionality. 

Uses of HookEventObject in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook

Subclasses of HookEventObject in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook
 class CallWndProcEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.CALLWNDPROC hook.
 class CallWndProcRetEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.CALLWNDPROCRET hook.
 class CBTEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.CBT hook.
static class CBTEvent.Activate
          Represents HCBT_ACTIVATE hook event.
static class CBTEvent.ClickSkipped
          Represents HCBT_CLICKSKIPPED hook event.
static class CBTEvent.CreateWnd
          Represents HCBT_CREATEWND hook event.
static class CBTEvent.DestroyWnd
          Represents HCBT_DESTROYWND hook event.
static class CBTEvent.KeySkipped
          Represents HCBT_KEYSKIPPED hook event.
static class CBTEvent.MinMax
          Represents HCBT_MINMAX hook event.
static class CBTEvent.MoveSize
          Represents HCBT_MOVESIZE hook event.
static class CBTEvent.QS
          Represents QS hook event.
static class CBTEvent.SetFocus
          Represents SETFOCUS hook event.
static class CBTEvent.SysCommand
          Represents SYSCOMMAND hook event.
 class ForegroungIdleEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.FOREGROUNDIDLE hook.
 class GetMsgEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.GETMESSAGE hook.
 class JournalRecordEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.JOURNALRECORD hook.
 class KeyboardEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.KEYBOARD hook.
 class LowLevelKeyboardEvent
          Defines low level keyboard event object.
 class LowLevelMouseEvent
          Defines low level mouse event object.
 class MouseEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.MOUSE hook.
 class ShellEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.SHELL hook.
 class SysMsgProcEvent
          This class describes events of the Hook.Descriptor.SYSMSGFILTER hook.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook with parameters of type HookEventObject
 void HookEventListener.onHookEvent(HookEventObject event)
protected  void Hook.notifyListeners(HookEventObject event)
          Notifies listeners about a hook event.

Uses of HookEventObject in

Methods in that return HookEventObject
 HookEventObject HooksData.readEvent(Hook.Descriptor descriptor)
          Reads event data depending on a specified hook descriptor.