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If you have an active support subscription, purchased prior to May 31, 2019, please use the email address, provided to you in the email confirming the license purchase.

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If you have questions, not covered by the documentation, please email us at

Licensing and Pricing

License use is governed by the product license agreement

JxFileWatcher is supported until May 31, 2020

You can use the previously purchased license after this date, but we will not be able
to help you or provide you with updates.

  • Perpetual Licence Perpetual license
  • Free Distribution Free distribution within your application

We do not offer development licenses, but you can purchase a Source Code License
until the end of March 31, 2020.

Source Code License comes with 2 months of support.

Source Code For 1 Developer

Developers License for more developers
is also available for purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a current customer of JxFileWatcher all the support hours remain with you and are valid until your support period comes to an end.

All Commercial licences previously purchased will remain valid. You can continue using them according to the terms of the Product License Agreement.

Technical Questions

Yes, you can use it if you include jxfilewatcher-1.4.partial.jar to application classpath instead of jxfilewatcher-1.4.jar.

No, JxFileWatcher does not use this approach. It always uses file system notifications to detect the changes.

JxFileWatcher reports all file system events to its listeners and number of events greatly depends on the file watcher settings and a watched folder.

Yes, JxFileWatcher provides the support of these platforms. However, in order to enable video capturing ability in JxFileWatcher, you may need to enable “Media Foundation” and "Desktop Experience" features on those platforms correspondingly.

In fact capturing of the scrollable window contents greatly depends on an application itself, so there is no such utility available in JxFileWatcher.

Licensing Questions

Our licensing is based on versions of JxFileWatcher. Having purchased the license for our product you get the right to use the current major version of the product.

You can distribute unlimited number of copies of your product with our library enclosed.

Project License is bound to your project via a fully-qualified class name. A fully-qualified name for a class is the package name followed by the class name, separated by a period (.). For example: com.mycompany.myproduct.MyClass

This can be any class of your application. The only requirement is that it should be included into your Java application class path.

When we say “project” we have in mind one product of your company including your future product versions or potential derivative works based on your product.

The Project License is tied to one project only.

Having purchased the license you received an archive with two types of license files: development and runtime. Development license is intended to be used in the development process. Runtime license is to be used for distribution of your software with JxFileWatcher enclosed.