JxBrowser Licensing Policy Update

In December 2015, alongside with official release of JxBrowser 6, TeamDev has announced the change of JxBrowser licensing policy.

What’s happening?

We are introducing a change in support and update policy that will allow our clients acquire both minor and major release updates within any year of active support period without additional payments.

We are also simplifying the use of our licence files. From this update on, the users will no longer have to manage two licences — runtime and development. Single licence will be used to provide for the development and distribution of our libraries.

Why the change?

Over time we have seen that major-version-based product delivery is hampering us from fast provision of important updates. It is important to us to be able to supply our customers with fresh improvements to browser experience brought about by continuous development of Chromium. So, in order to speed up the JxBrowser release pace and keep up with the latest web standards and technologies, we have decided to shift to the «All-Updates» support policy.

More In-Depth Info

Starting with JxBrowser 6 release, the «major version» will no longer be a blocker to receive improvements to our library. All updates, major and minor, will be equally available to the holders of active Standard Support subscription at no additional cost. As before, one full year of Standard Support service and updates will be available upon purchase of a product licence.

Also, we are making our licensing simple. Notion of «runtime» is eliminated, while all the rights granted to the customer are preserved. The customer will now receive a single licence file that will allow development and distribution of our library integrated into the customer’s projects.

In order to assure you that no existing licensing benefits are missed, we have created the following comparison table:
Old Licensing Policy New Licensing Policy
Perpetual licence for TeamDev products. Perpetual licence for TeamDev products.
Free runtime distribution. Free distribution of our library included in customer application.
Grant of 55 Standard Support hours for 1 year. Grant of 55 Standard Support hours for 1 year in the frame of Standard Support subscription.
All minor version updates of the product. All updates, both minor and major, of the product issued during the period of active one-year Standard Support subscription.
Major Upgrade with a 25% discount from the actual licence price. Annual Standard Support subscription renewal with 25% discount from the actual licence price. Major versions, as well as minor versions are supplied without limitations to customers with active Standard Support subscription.
No obligatory renewal fee. Perpetual licence for development, used with the library versions supplied within the year(s) of active Standard Support subscription. Provision of minimum of one year of version updates with the licence purchase. No compulsory Standard Support subscription. Subscription renewal with 25% discount from the actual licence price after non-renewal year(s).
Development and Runtime licence files Development licence files only. Can be used both for development and distribution of JxBrowser integrated into the clients’ applications.

Questions Related to Transition

  • Which products are affected?
  • New Licensing model is applied to JxBrowser 6. Other products remain with the old licensing model.
  • Who is impacted by the new licensing model?
  • All new customers, purchasing licences of JxBrowser 6  and later.
  • How this will impact current customers?
  • All customers can continue using earlier versions of JxBrowser and receive benefits according to the old licence terms (i.e. receive Standard Support service and free minor product updates). After release of JxBrowser 6, there will be no option to purchase a licence according to the old licensing terms.
  • According to the new licensing policy, what product version will I end up with after my support subscription expires?
  • You will be eligible to receive all version updates (both major and minor) while you have active support subscription. After your subscription expires you will be able to use the latest version released during your active subscription.
  • How can I move to the new licensing version?
  • Customers of version 5.x can choose to update for free to the version 6.x while their current support term is active (within one year after their purchase or upgrade to JxBrowser version 5). For example, if the version 5.x was purchased on May 3, 2015, customers can upgrade for free to version 6.x until May 3, 2016.

    Customers holding licences for versions earlier than 5.x can upgrade to version 6.x with a standard 25% discount.

  • What are the new prices?
  • Prices remain the same. Please visit JxBrowser page for this information.
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