Projects came to life because we needed a good task management tool for our projects that would work well with Google Apps.

More about Projects

Browser Integration

With the Web becoming an integral part of almost everything we do, we recognize the need to enrich desktop applications with browsing capabilities. Thus we created a range of browser integration libraries for Java and .NET.

JxBrowser JxBrowser

A cross-platform library for integration of Chromium browser into Java applications.

DotNetBrowser DotNetBrowser

Solution for integration of Chromium-based WPF component into .NET applications.

JExplorer JExplorer

A library for integration of Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications on Windows.

Java Native Integration Libraries

We have created a set of integration tools to help developers save time
and focus on what really matters.

JxMaps JxMaps

Embed Google Maps into your Java application.

JxDocument JxDocument

A lightweight Java component for viewing PDF documents in Java Swing applications.

JExcel JExcel

A library for Windows enabling integration of Microsoft Excel workbooks in Java applications.

JxCapture JxCapture

A cross-platform library for performing screen and video capture in Java applications.

JxFileWatcher JxFileWatcher

A cross-platform Java library for monitoring file system events.

ComfyJ ComfyJ

A bidirectional Java-COM bridge for working with COM/OLE/OCX or ActiveX objects in Java applications.

JNIWrapper JNIWrapper

Cross-platform solution, allowing to call operating system native library functions from Java code.