We believe there is a reason for everything... especially our products.


Projects came to life because we needed a good task management tool for our projects that would work well with Google Apps.

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Projects by TeamDev

Java-Native Integration Libraries

We have created a set of integration tools to help developers save time
and focus on what really matters


A cross-platform library for integration of Chromium browser into Java applications.


A library for integration of Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications on Windows.


A bidirectional Java-COM bridge for working with COM/OLE/OCX or ActiveX objects in Java applications.


Cross-platform solution, allowing to call operating system native library functions from Java code.


A library for Windows enabling integration of Microsoft Excel workbooks in Java applications.


A cross-platform library for performing screen and video capture in Java applications.


A cross-platform Java library for monitoring file system events.


A lightweight Java component for viewing PDF documents in Java Swing applications.

.NET Solutions

We have a history of providing solutions that optimize development efforts.
This time we are offering time- and effort-saving opportunity for .NET developers.


Solution for integration of Chromium-based WPF component into .NET applications.


Exploring the JSF technology we could not help but create a library of our own, that allows creating a dynamic UI for web applications. Over time we chose to make it open-source for the benefit of the web development community.

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Travel Pocket

We love to travel and do it a lot. We created Travel Pocket because we wanted a convenient and fast way to record all the expenses, analyse and share them later when our friends come for advice.

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