We help various kinds of companies build tools for managing business or scientific research. For the past 20 years, we have created dozens of projects for clients in the US and Western Europe.

We build systems for Amazon and Google clouds, and desktop. We released our first product in 2002, and since that time we’ve elaborated a line of 12 products, used by hundreds of customers worldwide. We know how to build a product for you.

Our approach to software development is built around the principles of agile methodologies (SCRUM in particular). We develop software in short bi-weekly or monthly iterations and communicate with project stakeholders regularly to keep everyone in the loop. If you prefer a different methodology, we are always open for discussion and ready to embrace it.

The service was stunningly great, I have nothing to say except that it was awesome, wow! Johannes M. Hug, Swiss Reinsurance Company

Why TeamDev

TeamDev is an expert in Java and Java EE development and integration solutions because of years of commitment to Java.

Processes flexibility gained due to agile software development practices allows us to be fast in decision-making, and to quickly adapt to new priorities.

A motivated team with a strong technical background and commitment to excellence ensures efficient work and delivery of high-quality software.

Our friendly attitude and cozy atmosphere in the office keep up the spirit while pursuing the project goals. Our teamwork and open minds inspire us for success in all undertakings.

Systems for Cloud, Web, and Enterprise

Our team has successfully completed a few dozens of projects over the past years. Areas of our expertise include e-commerce solutions, ERP systems, applications for Amazon and Google clouds, CMS, Facebook apps, etc. We have successfully done various size projects, from larger-scale enterprise systems to small web shops.

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Custom Java Integration Solutions

It happens often that off-the-shelf solutions are not best suited for your company. By connecting diverse technologies into one robust cross-platform application we will provide the exact functionality you are missing.

We integrate Java with:

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Desktop Solutions

If you are looking for a cross-desktop solution, Java is the platform of choice. Our team will provide efficient UI design, modern look-and-feel, high performance implementation, and will integrate your solution with the native platform technologies with the help of our integration products.

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Custom PHP Development

When it comes to creation of a website or a web application which can be easily maintained, updated or improved over time, our PHP team is there to develop the solution using open-source technologies like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Yii Framework etc.

To ensure best performance of your PHP-based projects, we provide a full range of complementary services, including SEO-optimization, web analytics setup, security audit and optimization, performance audit, website speed-up, and website migration between different CMS.

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