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Packages that use ISequentialStream
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package contains a number of commonly used interfaces from the Structured Storage API. 
com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl The com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl package contains default client implementations of COM interfaces introduced in the com.jniwrapper.win32.stg package. 

Uses of ISequentialStream in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg

Subinterfaces of ISequentialStream in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg
 interface IStream
          This interface is used for reading and writing data to stream objects.

Uses of ISequentialStream in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl

Classes in com.jniwrapper.win32.stg.impl that implement ISequentialStream
 class ISequentialStreamImpl
 class IStreamImpl
          Represents COM interface IStream.