Package com.teamdev.filewatch

Interface Summary
FileEventFilter A filter for file events.
FileEventsListener The listener interface for receiving file system events.
WatcherEventListener The listener interface for reporting file watcher state changes

Class Summary
FileEvent Class that represents a file system event.
FileEvent.Added The event for a new file.
FileEvent.Changed The event for a changed file.
FileEvent.Deleted The event for a deleted file.
FileEvent.Moved Artificial event that represents add-delete event pair for the file reallocated from one folder to another.
FileEvent.Renamed The event for a renamed file.
FileEventsAdapter Adapter for FileEventsListener interface.
FileMaskFilter This filter provides the functionality for filtering file events by a file mask.
FileWatcher Provides the functionality for monitoring file events in a specified folder.
WatcherEvent Class that represents file watcher state change event
WatcherEventAdapter Adapter for WatcherEventListener interface.

Enum Summary
WatchingAttributes Represents enumaration of file system attributes that FileWatcher can monitor.