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Packages that use Hook.Descriptor
com.jniwrapper.win32.hook The com.jniwrapper.win32.hook package contains classes, which allows you to work with native hooks, such as keyboard hook, mouse hook, system idle tracker etc. The package contains auxilious classes for hook functionality. 

Uses of Hook.Descriptor in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook

Fields in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook declared as Hook.Descriptor
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.CALLWNDPROC
          Monitors messages before the system sends them to the destination window procedure.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.CALLWNDPROCRET
          Monitors messages after they have been processed by the destination window procedure.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.CBT
          Receives notifications useful to a computer-based training (CBT) application.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.DEBUG
          Useful for debugging other hook procedures.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.FOREGROUNDIDLE
          A hook procedure that will be called when the application's foreground thread is about to become idle.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.GETMESSAGE
          Monitors messages posted to a message queue.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.HARDWARE
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.JOURNALPLAYBACK
          Posts messages previously recorded by a JOURNALRECORD hook procedure.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.JOURNALRECORD
          Records input messages posted to the system message queue.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.KEYBOARD
          Monitors keystroke messages.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.KEYBOARD_LL
          Monitors low-level keyboard input events.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.MOUSE
          Monitors mouse messages.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.MOUSE_LL
          Monitors low-level mouse input events.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.SHELL
          Receives notifications useful to shell applications.
static Hook.Descriptor Hook.Descriptor.SYSMSGFILTER
          Monitors messages generated as a result of an input event in a dialog box, message box, menu, or scroll bar.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.hook that return Hook.Descriptor
 Hook.Descriptor Hook.getDescriptor()
          Returns the descriptor of this hook.

Uses of Hook.Descriptor in

Methods in with parameters of type Hook.Descriptor
 EventsFilter HooksData.getHookFilter(Hook.Descriptor descriptor)
 HookEventObject HooksData.readEvent(Hook.Descriptor descriptor)
          Reads event data depending on a specified hook descriptor.
 void HooksData.setHookFilter(Hook.Descriptor descriptor, EventsFilter filter)